Thoughts on Superbowl Advertising

Super Bowl XLIX may have had some thought provoking ads, some comedic ads, and some that tugged at your heart strings, but all were overshadowed by one key character that took the halftime stage and internet world by storm… the dancing sharks.

Katy Perry’s (albeit impressive) halftime show displayed some impressive talent, but also some utterly bizarre dancing by beach creates (and trees… and balls). Without a doubt, most eyes were on the inane dancing on the sharks during the show.

What’s most impressive here is that with all the glitz, glam and special effects flying around the stadium, the most talked about item were the sharks. While Pepsi owned the name rights to the halftime show and much of the advertising, it was the sheer juxtaposition of the random movements of sharks fins that people remember.

What we like most about this is that it’s simple differentiation, and on such a stage, it becomes drastic. While the rest of the show flew along smoothly with no Janet Jackson repeats, people are still ready to remember what stood out to them most.

Real time application means standing out. We salute the dancing sharks of Super Bowl XLIX and hope to see them promoting their own product soon… which we will most certainly buy.


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