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We started our business by designing websites so we hold a special place in our heart for web design projects. Whether we’re creating a standard business website or undertaking a massive web application project, we always start by asking the question “why?”. The answer guides our work and ensures that we’re creating, designing and launching a final product that’s guaranteed to be a success.

In today’s world it is often challenging for a business to operate without a digital presence. Our original Calgary web design projects were often targeted at helping newer, entrepreneurially driven businesses get a foothold in the online world and provide a touch point for those searching the web for the business. As we expanded into the Chicago web design market, we focused on revamping older, more established sites to keep up with modern trends and responsive design. Growing into Berlin web design brought us to a point of truly unique and separate designs intended to stand out among competitors and act as a truly purposeful product capable of producing tangible results and helping businesses achieve their online goals.

As we grow we become capable of producing a wider and more robust scope of services that cater to the clientele we want to work with. From digital design to applications, we’re highly focused on delivering quality solutions to clients both new and old.

Each project starts in a similar fashion where we drill down into the details of the project. We determine the fundamental and most key elements for the website and how we plan on leveraging our work to highlight these points. We form hand drawn wireframes and mock ups for the overall design, all crafted with thought, care and a scalable future in mind. These mock ups and sketches are recreated digitally and sliced into code, or built on top of a pre-existing framework. We then style, arrange and edit the code and CMS elements until a beta site is ready to be shared. Using a process of agile web development, we rapidly tweak and optimize the site to work with the styling precedents and goals we originally created and combine it to mesh smoothly with any other relevant services such as advertising, animation or SEO best practices. We tinker and edit until the process is complete and then launch the site after training and prepping our clients on maintenance and usage moving forward.

We see ourselves not just as creator, but partners of the people we work with. Our job is to understand what’s in someone’s mind and take that idea, mould it, build it and craft it into a real life, digital presence that exceeds what was originally expected. While many of the building blocks remain the same, each project is it’s own separate entity. We follow sound design principles to produce high quality work, but we strongly believe that every website should be unique to a point and be memorable to its target audience.

As the importance of digital communication grows, so does the need to differentiate, market and stand out online. We recognize this and want to work with clients who also recognize this. “Good enough” isn’t good enough anymore. We strive to excel and push the boundaries of the digital world and want to work with people want the same.

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