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Build Your Lead Pipeline Through Your Website

When you are looking at getting your business website designed you are going to be inundated with a million and twelve people talking about conversion. Drive Traffic! Increase Conversions! Get Conversions! Yes, the end goal of your website is (almost) always going to be to gather conversions in whatever form that may be. It could be actual sales through your website, email addresses or referrals to build up your lead pipeline.

Yes, making your audience complete a positive action on your website is the whole point of your website but everyone has the same goal. The question is then, how can you help gently nudge your market in the direction of conversions? Lucky for you, we’re kinda knowledgeable about our field(s) and we’re here to drop some website wisdom on you.

Become Best Friends With Hick’s Law

Hick’s law is pretty simple. The more choices you have, the longer it is going to take to make a decision. It’s not rocket science, the more choices someone has, the more likely they are to completely shut down and not make a decision at all. In web design, hick’s law should be applied to not just the number of choices, but the overall layout and style choices of your website. Don’t overwhelm people with your design.


Which brings me to my next point – the kiss principle should be applied to all website design. What is the KISS principle? So glad you asked! Keep It Simple, Stupid. This mantra is an offshoot of hick’s law. When you’re testing out your new website ask yourself if there is a way to simplify each page and simplify it and then do it.

Embrace The Impatience

In this digital age, we have become creatures that demand instant gratification. People want everything RIGHT. NOW. Especially their website load times. Don’t fight the impatience, understand it and embrace it. Build your website knowing speed is paramount. Studies have shown that a simple one second delay can drop your conversion rate by nearly 10%. That is not an insignificant drop and is pretty simple to work with.

Faces For The Win

People love people. It is common knowledge in the publishing world that when there is a clear image of a persons face on the cover of a magazine the pick up on that issue will be almost double if there wasn’t. The same idea translates to websites. While it may be tempting to simply slap your product all over the site, when your target market sees a human face on your website, they are automatically triggered to empathize with that person. It is a way to use psychology to your advantage and help increase your conversion rate.

Of course, this is simply scratching the surface of the many ways that professional website developers can make strategic design choices that will improve the user experience and in turn convert an interested audience into happy clients. Give us a call and see how we can help fill your lead pipeline!


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