Amp Up Your Design Skills With a Little Planning

Project Briefs for the Win

Project brief for graphic design

Amp Up Your Graphic Design Skills With a Little Planning

Have a design project land on your lap? Doing freelance design work and trying to land a killer new client? Doing some internet research on the business you are working with is a good start, but to really nail the job, building a project brief will help your designs blow everyone’s minds.

Developing a solid project brief will prevent your designs from going off the rails and leaving your clients uninspired. In essence, your brief will be the blueprint, the north star, the guide to your colour choice, your font selections, and the overall vibe of your designs. Not sure what goes into developing the best brief possible? Our savvy graphic designers are here to let you in on their secrets.

Who Is the Client?

The first thing to really dig into is the client. Who are they? What do they do? What do they offer clients? Essentially, you want to determine their raison d’être. What problem do they solve for their customers?

What is the Size of the Project?

Understanding the project scope will help you create a to-do list and know what materials you are going to need to get the job done. Is a simple wordmark logo or a wordmark and icon? Do they need business cards and letterhead as well? Are they going to need a brochure designed as well? Figure out the project scope so you can see the big picture, keep organized, and stay cohesive.

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What are You Client’s Business Goals?

What is your hoping trying to achieve with your designs? Are they trying to build a recognizable brand? Grab attention through a visually appealing website? Unify their existing brand through all of their external documents? Understanding the purpose of your designs are going to ensure that you create something that will blow your client away.

Who are You Talking To?

Have your client describe their average or ideal customer. Do a deep dive into the demographic, are they male or female? What is their life like? What matters to them most? What are their aspirations? Biggest problems or hurdles? What will make their lives easier? The more you can wrap your head around who you are designing for, the better and more engaging your designs will be.

What is the Desired Image?

Are you working for a bank or consulting company that is looking to increase their professional appeal and be seen as a thought leader? You will have to get into a completely different creative space than if you are designing materials for a nutritionist or construction company.

What is the budget?

It may be the least creative or fun part of the process, but getting down to brass tax is necessary so you know the limitations of the project. The client may want a 40-page in-depth catalogue, but only have the budget for a 10-page brochure. Before you spend weeks designing the Mona Lisa of marketing materials, make sure you’re going to get rewarded for your efforts.

Once you have answered these questions, you will have developed a really solid foundation to help your client grow their business and hopefully set the stage for a positive partnership for years to come!


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