Good Branding in Web Design

Good Branding in Web Design

Why is branding essential for businesses to thrive? It’s not as conspicuous as one might think. Good branding is not just having a memorable logo, tagline or jingle, it’s about the underlying emotions that someone feels when they interact with your product or service. Because of this branding could be considered more important than a company’s name, or even a product’s quality.

Consider Apple, and as soon as we write this your mind may jump to words such as innovative, high quality and beautiful. But is Apple really that much better than it’s competitors? 75% of the world uses Android technology in their Smartphones. Samsung’s products are arguably equivalent and in many ways better than Apple’s. The latest television ads seem to point out that there’s little to no difference between an iPad’s retina display and a Kindle Fire’s screen. So why can Apple charge two to three times the price of their competitors and still have customers lining up to purchase their products days before they reach stores.

The Most Interesting Man in the World

How does an ad that stars a senior citizen at the heart of a campaign, targeted toward beer-drinking guys in their 20s and early 30s succeed? Simple; by branding the man as a symbol of adventure and success all while retaining a slightly quirky attitude with regards to the seriousness of the brand’s nature.

The answer is the brand. The answer is that people connect to Apple beyond the physical product and instead connect at an emotional level. The branding represents something people want to see in themselves and so they embrace the product as a means to establish a portion of who they are and how they want other people to view them. When crafting a brand, it’s not about the logo, it’s not about the colors, it’s not even about the product, it’s what all of these represent to the target audience. It’s about what people get out of using your product or service and how they feel engaging with your business.

In the end it’s important to remember that a brand is never about what the product is, but rather about why the product exists in the first place.