But, Can You Make It Pop?

Answers to your most burning website development questions

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But, Can You Make My Website Pop?

We’ve been in the business of building websites for nearly ten years now. A little like Goldilocks, we have developed websites for small, medium, and large multinational companies. It doesn’t matter what you do, what industry you are in or what the size of your business is, in the end, everyone seems to have similar questions about getting a website created.

Lucky for you, we have gathered the top 5 questions people ask us and are here to answer your deep, dark, burning questions you have about web design and development.

How Long Will It Take?
For obvious reasons, this is probably our most frequently asked question. Most potential clients want to know when they can launch their website so that they can plan marketing around it and drive views to their fancy new website. Alternatively, many people come to us because they would like a website developed to coincide with a specific event, like a new showhome opening etc.

How long your website is going to take to be developed depends on a number of factors. The biggest being the number of features or functionality you need your website to have. A simple, clean, and functional website that tells your brand story and showcases your products or service could be created in as little as a few weeks. A huge website with multiple portfolios, high-rez images, animations, booking software and a member portal? Now we’re getting in the two-and-a-half to the four-month range.

That being said, how quickly your website will be developed does also hinge on you, the client. The web development timeline can move as quickly as you get us the images, content, or portfolio items necessary to keep the train moving on time.

How Much Will It Cost?
The answer to this question is much like timeline question. It really all depends on the number of features and functionality you would like (or you need) your website to have. Booking software integration and private member portals are a lot more time consuming and costly than a simple contact page and map integration.

To answer simply, our websites start at nine-thousand dollars and go up from there.  

Will It Work On Mobile Devices?
We get that it has been drummed into your head that your website needs to be responsive across smartphones, desktops, and tablets. It is a valid inquiry, however, let us let you in on a secret.

If you are getting your website professionally developed, it had BETTER be responsive. It is 2019, your developer is going to make your website perform well across platforms or they shouldn’t be calling themselves a developer.

Can I Edit It?
This is another question that is kind of up to you, the client. We are happy to provide you with brief tutorials and videos that will help you edit your website. On the flip side, it is up to your level of technical proficiency and how comfortable you are navigating the backend of the website.

Are you a bit of a Luddite? Entirely possible that you will want to keep us on a monthly maintenance plan that will keep us doing the medium and heavy lifting for you. If you are pretty comfortable zipping around the backend of WordPress or you are happy to follow Google tutorials, then you should have no problems.

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But, Can You Make It Pop?
This one is a kind of hilarious question to us and we threw it in as a joke, yet it is ACTUALLY a common question. The answer? Well, ‘popping’ is a subjective concept.

We like to think we can make your new website ‘pop’ but before we guarantee that, we should probably have a chat about what that means to you. Get in touch and we can dig deep into your website needs.


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