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What you can take away from the big boys at Cannes Lions

With the 2017 Cannes Lions festival wrapping up, it is time to delve into what exactly differentiates the winners from the rest of the pack, aside from being huge well-known corporations. When a great advertising agency takes the reins of a campaign the outcome can seriously rock the boat, and if the corporation complies, magical things can happen. The key is letting go of the reins and trusting those creative minds.

If you are looking to communicate effectively with your target audience and aiming to reel in some prospective clients, you need to take a leap of faith with your advertising. Doing the tried and true tactic that every other company in your industry seems to be doing will render your efforts invisible. Likewise, if you veer too far from the beaten path, and/or the quadrants of your brand guidelines you will come across as unprofessional and unreliable. The trick is to find the fine line between provocative and brand appropriate.

So where do you start? Aside from connecting with a talented advertising agency, the best place to begin is taking a long, hard look at your value proposition. Think about how you can communicate your products and/or services in a way that is both relevant and hard-hitting. This may take some time brainstorming and researching, but your efforts will not go unnoticed.

The next step is narrowing down a niche market that will respond positively to your concept. It is always an effective practice to direct your message to a small group within your target segment. If you can successfully engage a niche market your ad will have a greater chance of going viral and affecting the people exposed to it. If all goes well your campaign will present itself as a potent call to action and your company will reap the benefits.

Finally, exercising an ad agency’s expertise will elevate the messages you wish to communicate to a level that can conceivably change the future of your corporation for the better.

In saying all of this it is also wise not to set your expectations too high. If your goal is to reach millions of people, create an ad that sets the world on fire and wins you a Grand Prix at Cannes, you may very well miss the mark. Keep the intent and aim for your message to be clear and impactful. By doing so, the chances of your campaign affecting more people will increase. Your genuine intention will shine through rather than coming across as trying to be something grandiose, inauthentic and false.

Now finding that idealistic advertising strategy that pushes the boundaries and speaks to the voice of today’s people while maintaining your brand’s unique mission statement, is an art that takes a specific creative genius. This is where working with a marketing agency will greatly impact your overall success, not only with regards to the campaign but also for your brand as a whole.

So where do you find an agency that speaks to your brand? Drop us a line or fire us an email, we happen to know a great one.