talonX Newsy Pieces for July

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talonX Newsy Pieces for July

For those of you who are frequent visitors to the site, you might have noticed our recent makeover. We’re a little behind on the update (fashionably late we prefer to call it) but figured a blog post was due to give the new digs the attention it deserves.

First, a shout out to our talented developers and designers for our brand new homepage! We’ve introduce a snazzy background video of our work into the mix, and if you’re lucky you’ve probably had a glimpse of our preening bird, who has some news of his own… Yes, it’s official folks, the little origami birdy we’ve all come to know and love has FINALLY been christened! By unanimous vote we’d like to officially introduce Ori to the world. Say hi Ori!


In other news, our roster of services has expanded and we’re bigger, badder and radder than ever before. Check out our full list of services we offer.

And as usual, keep your eyes peeled for even more killer projects we have coming down the pipeline.