Animation & Video: The Future of the Web

As some of you may know, talonX produces cool little animations or short videos for logo stings, explainers/introductions and promotions. Most of our video displays are produced in Adobe After Effects but we have been known to branch out to a few other forms of media and have been in collaboration with some Chicago based companies to produce introductions for longer online videos.

While these are outside the typical realm of web design the reason we’ve opted to learn, create and produce these animations is because because the nature of the online world is changing. While static sites will always have their place and be functional for many situations, consumers are leaning toward the motion and interest produced by videos.

[quote]If a picture is worth 1,000 words, a video is worth 1,000 pictures.[/quote]

When someone lands on a website and your product or service offering is not abundantly clear to the ‘layman’ so to speak you are immediately cutting off and isolating a potential client, a potential source of revenue and a potential repeat visitor. Granted not everyone who visits your site is in need or wants your services, but there is a middle ground where someone who could potentially need what you have to offer is lost before you really get the chance to communicate with them.

We’ve all done it; landed on a site and immediately hit backspace or navigated away from the page after only the first impression (known as ‘bouncing’ in the industry). Sometimes we spend a little longer but get so fed up with tying to understand what’s going on we leave. This can happen with high quality or poor design as a nice cover and slick interface don’t necessarily compensate for poor content.

How about YouTube or vBlog series? Aren’t a quick intro or outro helpful in knowing where the video begins and ends officially rather than a cut in and out of black? Even a three second zap that informs the audience of the start and end is helpful and immediately increases the professionalism of the video.

We’ve all heard that attention spans are getting shorter and that’s another reason why video is growing in popularity on the web. People can pay attention longer. People are more likely to share videos, people like the moving images, the music, the entire presentation of an animation. Animated feature length films are on the rise as audiences flock to see a psuedo-reality that entrances and entices with exaggerated graphics and slightly (sometimes heavily) modified versions of our own world.

This is where we think and studies prove that online audiences are shifting towards video as a means of communication on the web. We’ll be the first to admit that videos aren’t for all businesses but they can be used in many ways that help people remember you or your site; introductions of your work team, a video explaining what services you offer or how your services work, presentations telling the audience why they should choose you over your competitors, the impact and standing out factors that you are the only one in your industry who has an online animation…

Source: Kelsey Group

Source: Kelsey Group

In the end it’s the way our culture is moving. Everyone likes and audience and online videos are one excellent way to grow that. People often won’t spend five minutes reading an article, but will spend five minutes watching a video (maybe we should have made this post into a video..?). We’re not even going to delve into the numerous SEO benefits online videos provide – we’ll save it for a later update.

So when you’re ready to take your online presence to the next level and start communicating with a wider audience, condensing the boring written word into a beautiful color motion just check out our web animation services and get chatting with us today.