New Plan!

Read This, Be Entertained, Make Your COVID Marketing Relatable

Make Your Marketing Cooler (And More Relatable)

With the vast majority of people self-isolating these days, it is safe to say that our online habits have changed. Digital marketers are kind of having a field day trying to attract and retain the attention of their audience and trying to rope in secondary and tertiary audiences while they are at it.

It’s kind of funny being on both sides of this COVID marketing coin. On one hand, we are a part of the team that is diving into the coronavirus messaging market and on the other hand, we are all people being yabbered at by brands. If there is one this we’ve learned from being on the flip side of that coin, it is to stop using the word ‘unprecedented.’ Despite the fact that we are existing in the very definition of unprecedented times, if we hear that word again, we may jump off a cliff and you likely feel that way too.

Instead of being stiff robot people, we have come up with a handy list of content marketing ideas for you to use to relate to your audience and help spice up your content.

Funny Blogs

While we can file this blog away in the resources or list section, we would like to first highlight the usefulness of the silly or funny blogs. Take something like the standard How to Be Successful Working From Home blog and tweak it to match your personality, brand, or style. For instance, we did a cute little How TO go crazy working from home blog that we though was kinda cute. You could also compile work from home fails or WFH TSIR (Working From Home The Struggle Is Real) posts. Based on the number of people searching for similar keywords says that it is likely going to be a decently high rated post.


You know what gets people pretty much anytime? Pets! Working from home means it’s also perfectly acceptable if you post pictures, videos, boomerangs, gifs, tik toks of your dog (or any kind of spirit animal really). Cute animals are the world’s great equalizer and tend to make your brand more approachable.

Sir Bakes A Lot

Nope, we’re not talking about smoking weed in a story (unless you’re in the weed business and even then, pretty sure Health Canada says you’re not allowed to do that online either.) We mean the sudden resurgence of baking and the level of digital cred (or non-transferable street cred) that people get from baking up some cool crap in the oven. Got some sourdough starter? Perfect! You’ll win the social game!


Of course, offering your audience resources or something that they actually want may help them interact with your brand more frequently and really get some of that name or design recognition and that positive association is really what we’re going for here.