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talonX Video Projex Presents…

Our official launch of the talonX Video Projex is here! Check out our nifty ‘Meet Our Team’ video and learn about the wide variety of web services we’re offering. We’ve taken animation to another level — check out our portfolio to see other work we’ve done.

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Spot the talonX Crane

We’re introducing a new promotion volunteered by our fans. Anytime you see anything resembling our signature crane, snap a pic! At the end of each quarter we’ll collect the best picture and announce the winner — who will receive an absolutely killer promotional price on the product or service of his or her choice. Start anytime and send anytime and we’ll keep you in the loop for our #1 pic when the time comes. Happy hunting!

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The Video Business

Did you know that talonX offers animated videos between 10 to 120 seconds long for your business? We’ll forge high quality video intros, nifty advertising clips and eye catching shorts about your company. Visit our contact page to tell us about your next video product idea!

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Movember Mustaches

This month our team at talonX will be growing some legendary staches and donating the money to charity. What would be cooler however, would be if we found a charity we could build a website for — PRO BONO! Let us know in the comments if any charitable foundations in Calgary are looking for web design.

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