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Behind the Scenes of Web Design

This is what we look like when we’re designing your websites and animations! … Well not really, it’s a lot less flashy but we swear it’s twice as hard! Seriously though; excellent video on true mastery over a skill.

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Good Branding in Web Design

Good Branding in Web Design Why is branding essential for businesses to thrive? It’s not as conspicuous as one might think. Good branding is not just having a memorable logo, tagline or jingle, it’s about the underlying emotions that someone feels when they interact with your product or service. Because of this branding could be considered more important than a company’s name, or even a product’s quality. Consider Apple, and as soon as we write this your mind may jump to words such as innovative, high quality and beautiful. But is Apple really that much better than it’s competitors? 75% of the world uses Android technology in their Smartphones. Samsung’s products are arguably equivalent and in many ways better than Apple’s. The latest television ads seem to point out that there’s little to no difference between an iPad’s retina display and a Kindle Fire’s screen. So why can Apple charge […]

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2012 Website Charity Project

We’re proud to announce we’ve completed the 2012 Web Design Charity project we offer every year for Movember (nothing beats Web Development with a mustache). We chose to work with Zana Fund, a 100% volunteer based organization that consults social businesses in order to maximize their social impact and help them become profitable.

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Minimalist is Better

Oftentimes it’s easy to get carried away with a project and end up over doing it. Good design is as much about knowing when to stop adding as it is knowing what to add. Truly beautiful work should always focus on highlighting a purpose, never taking distracting from the main element(s) it’s meant to serve.

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