Time Flies - Especially for a Website

Is your website past its expiration date?

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Does My Website Need an Upgrade?

TalonX started out in Calgary as a company designing kick-ass websites and from there grew into the even more kick-ass creative agency that it is. Web design is still the foundation of our work, so naturally people call us up to talk about website related problems and to ask us web design related questions. One […]

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Video Vultures – Get Your Audience to Eat Up Your Message

Since “talkies,” or short videos with sound, came into existence people have been fascinated with videos and video marketing. Do you remember how wonderful it was to go to the movies when you were a kid? How it was such an experience and you could look forward to it for days. Do you remember having […]

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Audio Share

Here’s the first jams for the New Year! – yes, we know, it’s almost February!  Did you miss us? Cause there ain’t nothin like you guys! We’re off to a running start this year, with new staff members joining and a ton of awesome projects on the horizon, we’re super excited for what 2016 has […]

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Key Trends to Use in Web Design

Here we will reveal the trends that’ll shape your web design and development to your favour. It’s important to realize that there are many other elements of web design other than the visual aspect. Other less visible components are crucial to the success of a website and most of the trends are new and important.

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