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2016 Design Trends 02

2016 Design Trends

It’s nearing the end of the year, 2015 has gone by fast and so has the changes in design trends. Now its time to take a look at what we think will be the next up and coming trends of 2016! In 2015 we saw some of these trends take shape and we expect them […]

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Flat Design Trend

Creating An Effective Icon

What makes a good icon? It should be something that is memorable as well as simple. It should also be something that compliments the exiting theme of where this icon will be used. Whether its an app or website, the app should be carefully designed to fit into these themes. An icon is basically a […]

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Videos are the Future of Content Marketing

It’s easy to see that online videos have worked its way into being the top most effective method of marketing. As long and short videos populate the interwebs, the potential reach from videos is increasing and that makes it an ideal platform to market on. Not only is the audience vast but also the content […]

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2015 Design Trends 01

2015 Design Trends

2015 has been a year of interesting changes and progressions in graphic design and website design. Here are some trends that we have picked up on: 1) One of the biggest trends going around is to have an interesting image as a background for the website page. With the variety of stock photos and amazing […]

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